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Saving Scooch

August 9, 2019 | 1:58pm

Saving Scooch

We want to introduce you to yet another WARRIOR of 2019. This is Scooch. Read his story, as told by his rescuer, Donna:

We drove down a long, gravel road. When we got to the end, there were abandoned houses surrounded by tall grass and weeds.

A path of flattened grass led us to an opening under a vacant house. It was hot and pitch dark, but we spotted the dog at the very back of the crawl space in the light of the flashlight.


He let out a low growl as I crawled on hands and knees towards him. But as soon as I tossed a Vienna sausage, he stopped. He was so hungry and pulled himself toward each piece I tossed. He dragged himself along with his front legs and wasn't using either of his back legs. Was he paralyzed from the waist down? We wondered how long this poor dog had been down here, alone and scared. After some back and forth, we knew the safest and least stressful way to get him out was going to be with a trail of food.



We told him it was going to be OK, and to keep coming. "Just a little further buddy," we told him. "You can do this." He struggled but followed us the entire way, and even trusted me enough to take a couple right from my hand. I crawled out, sweaty and dirty. Once at the opening, he was hesitant - as if wondering, "what is going to happen to me?" He looked at us and decided to take a leap of faith. This brave boy came all the way out on his own. We gasped when we saw just how skinny this poor soul was. You could clearly see his spine and ribs. He had open sores on his feet from dragging himself around.

Picture4 Picture5

I backed the jeep up as close as I could get, and we carried him on a blanket and lifted him in. He didn't give us one bit of trouble and seemed to already like the comfort of the blanket and air-conditioning. We even gave him his first toy, a little porcupine.

Picture7 Picture8

Who knows how long this poor guy had been trying to survive without the use of his back legs, or what had even happened to him in the first place. We are so thankful someone called us and we are finally able to give him the help he desperately needs.


His grateful eyes, his grey muzzle, and soft kisses tell us he understands we are here to help him. We will do everything in our power to make sure he has a beautiful life.

This has truly been a brutal year for the strays. We have seen such neglect, such abuse. And through it all, we have seen many miracles. From the shocking day Harris came in and stole everyone's heart to Riley learning how to walk again, to Marshall Tucker, a tiny puppy whose face was partially torn off. Their healing journeys are nothing short of miraculous. One more day on the streets and their fate would be much different. They represent what Stray Rescue matter what an animal has been through, we will not give up. We will do whatever it takes to give them the life of love they deserve.

We are able to manage these tragedies because of our supporters. You have stood up to support them time and time again. Thank you for being there for us when we need you. YOU truly make our mission possible to Leave No Dog Behind, no matter what they've been through, or how long their road ahead may be. We ask you to please give today, for Scooch. He will need us all. We will keep you updated as he begins his journey toward recovery.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Welcome to Stray Rescue, Scooch. We already love you!

With Gratitude,

cassady sq new1

Cassady Caldwell, Executive Director, and the entire Stray Rescue team


UPDATE 08/20

We have been taking Scooch out with a sling to empower him and give him confidence. He loves it! He would be the perfect candidate for wheels. A good quality wheelchair for a dog his size costs about $450 - $500. Today we ask you to give if you can, we would love to have him in wheels, running and playing in our yard! He will be unbelievably happy and he deserves every ounce of it.

UPDATE 08/28

We have literally been in tears! Since we posted that Scooch would be a great candidate for wheels, we've had so many people stop by or call offering to donate their pup's old wheelchair. Others have called to chip in for a chair, RightThisMinute shared his story, and so many have sent their love and wishes for him from across the country. After everything he's been through, we THANK YOU for caring. Today, we present to you....SCOOCH ON WHEELS!!! Grab a tissue, you'll need it!

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