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The Winter of Second Chances

March 11, 2019 | 10:29am



The Winter Of Second Chances

Polar Express

This sweet angel is Polar Express. We received a call that a dog had been hanging around a remote construction site for a few days. The workers had laid blankets out to try and make her comfortable. Donna could tell she was seriously injured and couldn't walk. Since she was laying by the train tracks, we assumed she has been hit by a train. But, when she saw Donna and the rescue jeep, she know she was safe. We rushed her to our onsite Trauma Center at Stray Rescue, and the vet clinic went to work right away. At just a year old, this poor little soul had suffered so much. After multiple surgeries and lots of love, she is on the road to recovery. Because of your support and compassion, she is getting her second chance.

Polar Express during rescue WEB Donna with Polar Express WEB polar express with Emily WEB Polar Express Photo for UW copy WEB


Weezer absolutely broke our hearts. When we pulled up, he was lying in the snow shivering and screaming the most bone chilling cries we ever heard. He was terrified. The look in his eyes said, "please help me," but we could tell he really didn't understand love and kindness. The smell of infection permeated from him, and we knew he was in horrible pain and needed medical attention right away. Thankfully, we were able to gain his trust before rushing him back to get the help he desperately needed. we have seen countless embedded collars but not too many embedded harnesses. This 7-month-old angel finally received the medical care and love he needed to get his second chance. To see his full story, please take a look at his video at

Weezer rescue WEB Weezer 1 WEB Weezer 15 WEB Weezer 54 WEB


This precious boy was found literally frozen to the pavement. We warmed him up and got him back to the safety of Stray Rescue. At the vet clinic, the Vet Techs started shaving him, revealing the sweet soul hidden underneath years of neglect. Once he was shaved, out veterinarians were able to see Pilgrim had a broken pelvis. This brave boy seemed to know we were there to help him because he never cried of even whimpered during his exam. The doctors believed his injury was a result of being run over by a car. We're happy to report that this lucky boy has recovered from his horrible ordeal and has since been adopted by his foster family!

Pilgrim on Rescue WEB Pilgrim during shaving WEB Pilgrim after shaving WEB


How can you possibly survive outside below freezing temperatures when your body is deteriorating and malnourished? You have no energy, but you must scour alleys for trash or anything edible and try to find shelter before night falls. Sadly, we have seen more dogs this winter from starvation than ever before. Their frail and emaciated bodies show the pain and discomfort they have been forced to endure. Whether these babies were strays or abandoned by their owners, they are now safe and warm. And they will never have to wonder where their next meal will come from.

Sarah Skinny dog WEB Huella intake edited WEB Midnight Skinny Dog WEB

Brave Mamas

Meet some of our strong and stoic mothers who we were thankfully able to rescue from the frigid temperatures and dangers of street life. We were able to give them a safe place to have their babies thanks to our amazing Mom and Pup foster homes. And the best part? All of there new mothers will be spayed and never have to give birth again. The babies will have a great start at life and the mothers will have the second chance they deserve to be adopted and live comfort with their new families for the rest of their days.

Mystery and Puppies WEB Samoa intake 19 WEB Ruth Fisher edited WEB

This is just a very brief glimpse at what we've seen at Stray Rescue this past winter. The brutally cold temperatures, snow and ice have taken a harsh toll on the stray and neglected animals of our city. It's truly a wonder how any living creature can survive the winter elements and dangers of the unforgiving streets. But, with your help and support, we were able to save all these heartbeats. They all now have a chance at a healthy life filled with love and comfort because you cared. Spring is upon us, and although we welcome the warmer weather, springtime also brings out even more animals on the neglected or born on the streets in need of help. Please help us continue our life saving work. These animals that have been abandoned, abused, neglected, or born on the streets deserve their second chance. Don't we all?

With Gratitude,

Cassady Caldwell

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