Stray Rescue of St. Louis


September 9, 2020 | 12:27pm


Meet Braveheart, Stoic, Courage, Valiant, Fearless, and Heroic. 

This is the story we wish we could tell you:

Six beautiful, happy, vibrant puppies were born on a beautiful day in Saint Louis. Not a cloud in the sky. They were born into a comfortable home, filled with love from every family member. The mama dog was given plenty of belly rubs, treated with respect throughout her pregnancy and birth, was fed the highest quality food to nourish the growing babies in her belly, and she received the best vet care possible. The puppies were all born healthy, wiggly and ready to conquer the world. They continued to grow, play, thrive and win over the hearts of everyone they met. Now, these six babies are two months old and ready for their forever homes and the amazing future that awaits them. This is what every puppy brought into this world wishes for and deserves. This is what every animal-loving human prays for and wants to believe with all their hearts that this story is true. But, sadly this is complete fiction. 

This is the true story:

We received a phone call about a puppy a good Samaritan found roaming the streets close to her home. Once we saw him, our hearts dropped. This sweet baby was starving, his hair was falling out, his stomach bloated with worms, and he was infested with fleas and ticks. In such a short time on earth, he was obviously broken, so we knew we had to search the area for more. That’s when we found one more angel in the same horrible shape. And, now we also know that they both have parvovirus. We were praying we would be able to find more alive so we could turn this life around for them and give them everything they needed. But with a shattered heart and sick to our stomachs, I must tell you we found four babies that had already lost the fight. Their lives ended before they could even start. They will never know the comfort of a warm, loving home or toys to play with. They will never know the touch of a kind hand or what it feels like to have a full belly. Or to be a cherished family member.

web puppy pile web puppy Screen Shot 2020 09 09 at 1.08.09 PM

We didn’t get to them in time, but they will not die in vain. We will tell their story of abuse, neglect and abandonment. We will be their voices, and we’ll make sure they are heard. They will be a part of the fight to stop animal abuse and our continued fight for better laws in the state of Missouri to hold abusers accountable. We are working with police to bring these puppies the justice they deserve. They will become a part of our hearts along with all the others who never got their second chance. We will never stop telling their stories and shining a light on this cruel reality until the abuse STOPS.

small web sixpic  small web six2

Braveheart and Stoic, the survivors, are being treated in our clinic. They immediately received fluids and vaccines and are being treated for their parvo. 

small braveheart and stoic

You are the reason we can save these precious lives and give them the loved and healthy life they all deserve. With our important fundraising events canceled or held virtually this year due to the pandemic, we need you now more than ever.

Please give today and help us right the horrific wrong that has been inflicted on these puppies and to give hope to those still out on the streets who desperately need our lifesaving help. YOU make all the difference! We can never thank you enough for your care, compassion and generosity.  

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