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The Stracks Fund


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The Stracks Fund

Emergency Medical Care for abused dogs and cats in St. Louis

Stray Rescue's Stracks Fund was established to provide emergency medical care to strays who have suffered from the most severe abuse and neglect. The fund ensures uninterrupted medical care for the companion animals we rescue. It is always a primary priority for our organization as it is our flagship program. It is the foundation for rehabilitating animals in need.

This fund was named after Stracks, a dog that required extensive medical treatment after being severely injured and abused on the mean city streets. Stracks is now a happy and healthy boy who is loved by his adoptive family. The Stracks Fund gives thousands of animals a special second chance that they would not have had otherwise every year.

Sadly, Stracks’ story is not uncommon for the animals we save. The strays that we rescue face many threats on the cruel city streets. They are harassed and abused by ruthless people who inflict pain and suffering. We have even witnessed people speeding up to intentionally strike an animal trying to cross the street.

Because of the domestication of dogs, they have lost their instinct to hunt. So they are left to fend for themselves and scavenge the trash and anywhere else they can to find food. They are vulnerable to the harsh summer and winter elements, so they seek out the only shelter they can find which is usually in an unsafe and barely standing abandoned building. In the poverty stricken and underserved communities of the city, oftentimes the family pets are even left behind when their families move away. They are chained in back yards or boarded up inside, left to die. These are the animals we rescue.

Stray Rescue saves the lives of companion animals by providing state of the art emergency veterinary care. The Stracks Fund directly saves lives. It is the vital component that requires the most consistent amount of funding. It is the first and, at times, the most significant step in giving companion animals a second lease on life.

The Stracks Fund was established after witnessing the most severe, unfair animal abuse in St. Louis. These medical issues often involve extensive treatment. It is our philosophy that every life we rescue is deserving of a second chance – regardless of circumstances.

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