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You don't deserve to be abandoned like this school

October 21, 2021 | 1:01pm


"I keep hearing howls coming from an abandoned school on my street." - Good Samaritan

We rushed to the scene and immediately confirmed what that Good Samaritan had reported: there was a brown pittie staring down at us through a broken window on the top floor of a school. Every door and window was boarded up except for one small enclosure that led into the basement. There, we found a platform and a 12’ drop. This being the only viable entrance at ground level, he must have wandered over and jumped in or was dumped there by a person. Once you drop into that opening, there is no way out without a ladder. 

We surveyed the perimeter of the school and looked in every window we could reach on a ladder. We finally found one that we would be able to crawl through safely. An eery feeling crept over us when we entered the abandoned school. Class notes, assignments and even messages like “Have a great summer!” still occupied the untouched white boards from the last day of class long ago. Students, teachers and families left on that final day of school, not knowing that they would never return. Stacks of books and scattered desks cluttered the classrooms and posters peeled away from the walls. Whistling and peering in each classroom, we eagerly searched for a lonely little dog who had been crying for help for at least three days. We found a lot of feces, leading us to believe he’d been in there a lot longer than three days. 


Working our way down a dark hallway we located a set of stairs. Suddenly, a sweet little face peeked around the corner at us! “Are you looking for me?” A little timid, he held his head down but looked up at us with sweet eyes, his tail tucked. “Yes, we are here for you. You don't deserve to be abandoned like this school.  You deserve to be loved.” Immediately his tail wagged with delight and he let us put a leash on him. Protruding ribs caused by starvation and tired eyes from loneliness overpowered any need to coax him into leaving; he was ready to go. At that point we got to ask our favorite question: “Wanna go bye-bye?”

To ensure we didn't leave any other dogs behind in that spooky, sad old school, we returned to the room from which we had originally seen him looking out to the street. We then double-checked every inch of the building as the Good Samaritan originally thought they heard two dogs. No, this pup was here all alone. 

Our challenges were not over for this rescue.  To get him out of the building, this little guy needed to be brave. His route to freedom would be the same one we took to get into the school– on a ladder up to a broken window. 

Natalie held the ladder for Scott while he positioned himself halfway to the top. Donna then passed this pup out the window to Scott, who gently received him as he shook in Scott's arms. After being through unimaginable circumstances that landed him a solitary existence in an abandoned school, we weren’t anticipating this pup to be such a polite little gentleman! He was so brave and trusted us with his soul. Scott, shaky on the ladder but determined to keep this boy safe, held him tight and secure as we lowered him to the ground. That’s when he began his happy dance!!

During his Freedom Ride to Stray Rescue, he sprawled across our laps and had a huge, pittie smile across his face. He loved all the pets and kisses – he couldn’t get enough!

When we arrived at Stray Rescue a whole team of staff was waiting outside to welcome this angel to the good life!! He greeted each person individually and loved all the attention. He knows now that he matters, that he is valued, and he will never EVER spend another lonely night wishing he had a full tummy and someone to snuggle.

This perfect boy and so many like him are looking for forever homes. Please choose adoption and when you see an animal in need, be their voice and call for help!

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