Stray Rescue of St. Louis

An Open Letter

October 2, 2020 | 11:29am

“Our Hearts are Bigger than our Budget”

What a year 2020 has shaped up to be. Where do I begin? This year has thrown us all a curve ball that no one could have ever anticipated, and we have all tried to adapt the best way we know how. Life has slowed down, giving us a chance to reflect on what’s most important in our lives and in our hearts. We’re all doing what we can to check in with our friends, family and neighbors and taking care of each other. For us, this includes continuing to take care of the animals. In the midst of this global pandemic, one constant is that animal abuse and neglect hasn’t slowed down. We have seen a staggering increase in abuse and neglect this year and are saddened by such callous betrayal of man’s best friend. As we look in their eyes and promise them we will do everything we can to right the wrongs inflicted upon them, it strengthens our resolve and underscores our ongoing need for financial support so we can keep our promises to them. 

We have always taken in thousands of animals a year and will always do all that is needed to save them and give them their second chance. But our intake and SAVE numbers are higher this year than they have ever been in Stray Rescue history. Covid has not only impacted us humans, it has also impacted the animals. Sadly, we are taking in more abandoned and abused animals than we have seen in years. Every week we are seeing a staggering 1-2 gunshot victims. Just this year alone I have sent over 20 cases to a specialty hospital for broken hips, legs, jaws and other traumatic injuries. 

We are known as the organization that will stop at nothing to give these babies the second chance they deserve because of amazing and compassionate donors like you who believe in our mission. But, honestly the year of Covid has taken a toll on us financially. With the need for social distancing, we have been forced to cancel our big and small fundraising events this year, and we’re feeling the effects of this lost income. And sadly, with us not being able to hold our biggest and most important fundraiser – the Holiday Gala – in person this year, the pressure and urgency is even greater. SO, as I have said before, our hearts are bigger than our budget. I am reaching out to you all yet again to please help us continue our life saving work.  I want to remind you what YOU have made possible this year. These are just a few of the thousands of lives YOU have saved:

denver before small denver1

Denver: Before and Now

jumbo small before jack happy

Jumbo Jack: Before and Now

sunflower small before Sun small

Sunflower: Before and Now

eeyore1 eeyore small after

Eeyore: Before and Now

And here are two dogs who were saved this week alone:

Meet Achilles:

The other night our workday had ended. Or so we thought. A call came in that a dog that has been chained up in someone’s backyard was not doing well. His body was shutting down and when he collapsed, his owners placed him on a blanket and dragged him out to the street like trash. He was dying. We rushed there as quickly as possible and arrived on the scene just 10 minutes later. We loaded the old pup into the jeep and rushed him to our trauma center. Turns out, this old, decrepit dog is only about 5 years old. He was so dehydrated that his eyelids were stuck to his eyes and he couldn’t blink. His gums were bleeding because his mouth was so dry, he couldn’t swallow. And he has urine burns on his legs and back end. We gave him fluids, food, water, and love. Within minutes he was standing up and thanking us for caring about his life. 

achelis small blanket achelis small inclinic 

achelis urine small achelis small now

Meet Porter:

This tiny chihuahua puppy weighs just a mere 3 pounds. The St. Louis streets are no place for a tiny baby like him. A Good Samaritan found him running down the street and told us his head was very swollen. Once in our care, we thought he had hydrocephalus, which is a rare, painful and deadly condition where dogs have water on the brain. We rushed him to a specialist where they performed an MRI and consulted with their neuro team. They discovered it was not hydrocephalus, but his little skull contains several fractures. Although he may have a better chance at survival with this new diagnosis, it sickens us that someone could do this to him. He doesn't have any bite wounds, so we suspect this was done by a human. ​A lot of cage rest is needed, and hopefully being so young will help him heal. 

porter small car porter small bigeyes porter small baby

Achilles and Porter are both receiving the care and love they need, but they still need you as they heal. Just like countless others who are out there awaiting the safe haven and second chance that Stray Rescue provides. From the bottom of our hearts, we could never thank you enough for always stepping up and standing right by our side as we continue to be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. We are asking for your help once again during these most trying and uncertain times for us all. Please stay safe and keep all the animals in your hearts. They need us all now more than ever.​

Will you help us help them? 

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