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Tyson's emergency surgery!

January 16, 2020 | 1:54pm

Tyson needs emergency surgery now!

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A good samaritan just brought in this poor soul who we're told was hit by a car 3 days ago. Just imagine the pain he's been in - his bones are exposed, he's covered head to toe in fleas, and he's scared to death. Together we can change his outcome. He is in the loving arms of Stray Rescue now. Please donate for his emergency surgery to amputate his leg and shoulder. We named him Tyson, and he needs you! Updates to come.

 Tyson is in emergency surgery now. A horrifying update: X-rays show this is actually a gunshot wound; His shoulder is full of shrapnel. There is blood in his lungs, we pray this angel makes it through surgery and can go on to live a life of love. Come on, buddy. You can do it.

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Tyson is out of surgery and waking up. Let's hear it for Dr Schulz and our amazing vet team! It was a long and difficult surgery, but he did great. He is stitched up and tucked in with warmers. Thank you, thank you for all of your prayers today!");">❤️ Such a strong boy. Your days ahead will so bright, little one.

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Get some good rest tonight, little one.


Good Morning! Guess who did great through the night and even had a little breakfast this morning? Tyson, as your healing journey begins, just know you are so loved! ❤️

tyson in the morning

1/26 Update:

Tyson loves his prayer blanket! He got the drains out of his incision and is healing perfectly! So proud of this little fighter. ❤️
Tyson with his prayer blanket

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